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What are feed-in tariffs?
As part of the push towards a greener UK, new legislation means that energy companies have to pay you for any renewable energy you produce. These payments are called Feed-in Tariffs (or 'FITs'). The level of the payment (the 'tariff') varies for different renewable energy sources and installation sizes. Our Solar section has more information.

Am I better off buying a PV system or having a Free Solar package?
We aren't financial advisors, and it is really down to your personal circumstances. The new government-led FITs are projected to give you an annual tax free 9-12% return on your money for a 20 year period and a breakeven time of about 10 years. If your time horizons are shorter (maybe you will move), you do not have the £4-6k available to invest in solar panels and/or you have something better to do with the money, a free solar package may be a better option (assuming that your roof is eligible).

How much money will I save by using free electricity from solar?
It could be a third (assuming medium energy use and - per the Energy Saving Trust assumptions - that you use 50% of the electricity you produce). But the actual amount will always depend on how and when you use electricity. You'll get a lot free, for example, if you are in during daylight when the panels are producing and/or you set timers for equipment like washing machines. Whatever the figure, the savings are likely to increase because everything you produce is inflation proof (energy prices have doubled over the last 5 years, according to research by uSwitch last year)


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