Samil Power – Cutting Edge Technology with Social Responsibility

Samil Power develops and manufactures PV grid-tied inverters with world leading-edge technology. Founded and led by an Australian of Chinese extraction with an engineering background. Samil Power is recognized as a well-known provider of grid-tied solar inverters and mounting systems. APR UK  are proud to be a supplier of Samil Power Inverters.

Samil Power has more than 10 branches worldwide, main locations are Sydney, Munich, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuxi and Suqian. One factory occupies 33,000m2 (approximately 8.23 acres) of land, while another, approximately six times larger in size, is under construction. And two R&D centers are about 10,000m2 in total.

Samil Power has been growing steadily and gains a worldwide reputation for reliable products and quality. They produce safe and efficient grid-tied solar inverters for domestic, commercial and utility scale power plants. They also offer one-stop equipment services (modules + mounting system + inverters) for grid-tied PV systems.

Samil Power Gives Back to Society

Samil Power is a company with a care to society and is using its expertise and leading-edge place in the industry to give back to the country, more than any other, it calls home.

“Samil Power Lightens 15 Schools in Yushu”

Schools in Yushu, Qinghai Province, suffer from shortage of power, so Samil Power offered 15 schools a whole set of solar equipment and technology, including: PV inverters, PV panels, mounting system and televisions. Not only will this work to solve the power shortage problems in these schools, it improves and enriches the curricular and extra-curricular lives of the regions students.

“Samil Power create around 50 jobs each year to new graduates”

Samil Power has two Research and Development Centres, allowing it to stay on top of technological progress by introducing innovations to the industry on a regular basis. With a combined total workforce of more than 200 highly qualified professionals working in Research and Development, Samil Power says thanks to its local communities by recruiting groups of ambitious graduates to fill at least 50 vacancies per year.

These graduates are allowed to fully explore their capabilities through expert training and a dynamic workplace, with Samil Powers regular recruitment working to create more jobs and reduce local unemployment rates.

Samil Power are an approved Lombard Finance supplier for grid-tied inverters.



APR UK Also supply inverters from Power ONE, SMA and JFY 


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